Do Purchasers Buy on Emotion?

14 May, 2020

Every decision we make is emotional, no matter how serious or insignificant it is. Whether business or personal, and the ability to nurture emotion has a big role to play in successful property marketing. That’s why it’s so important that images convey a sense of emotion and atmosphere to potential purchasers – to spark the kind of emotional reactions that can drive sales.

Why is the visual so important?

80% of all impressions made on our emotions come via our sight so if you’re looking to connect with the emotions of your audience the use of CGI imagery is a very effective way to do it. We translate what we see at almost super speeds, nanoseconds in fact. The information that we receive in visual form is much easier for our brains to translate and we do this 60,000 times faster than when we’re presented with text data. This is important because emotions are also triggered in fractions of seconds and this can have all the necessary influence when it comes to property marketing.

Using CGI imagery to create emotion

Every decision, whether we realise it or not at the time, is driven by what we feel. Therefore creating visual excellence that captures the atmosphere of a place through providing spectacular CGI, enables people to understand that a property is not just a building. It demonstrates to people that a property can provide more than a roof over their head, but also a lifestyle. It conveys that a property can be a dream come true, in how it enables the person to live but also how they feel about their home. Being able to tap into that feeling with a carefully constructed brand story gives developers a lot of power to inspire purchasers and to help drive sales.

Lessons from the studio

Like when a photographer approaches a shoot, we aim to capture the big hero images as well as the details to create an overall ambience and atmosphere. When this is successfully achieved, people’s imaginations are activated leading them to see themselves actually living in the property. Careful selection of a single defining image or a short, but powerful, moving image can cut through social media, draw people to your brand or give a customer the motivation they need to move one step further towards making a decision. The more honest and authentic your messaging is and the braver you are when it comes to expressing it, the more impact you’re going to have on the audience.

CGI images have a key role to play in property marketing – a creative and cinematic approach is needed to trigger the emotions that motivate purchasers.

To discuss more about images that inspire emotional storytelling, get in touch with us today…

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