Moving Image Reports Stronger Engagement

2 June, 2020

80% of all digital traffic is predicted to be video this year and moving image dominates that statistics in terms of the content most successful in engagement levels, click through rates and motivating consumers into actions. Which is why at V1 we strongly believe the future is not only in still image but in images that move, animate and come to life. This is the future!

From HNWI to first-time buyers

We know that the profile of digital usage has changed considerably over the past couple of years and now all purchaser types from HNWI to first times buyers are using social media. This includes all ages groups so you can also count your empty nesters! New and different platforms have emerged meaning that some are more appealing to the different demographics, but one thing is for sure – digital is now the way to communicate to your target market. And moving image is the leading way to capture their engagement.

Did you know?

  • Social video generates 1,200% more shares than text and image content combined
  • Social media posts with moving image have 48% more views
  • 6 sec short and snappy film has higher brand metrics across sectors
  • Our attention spans have reduced by a quarter in 15years – which is now less than a goldfish! (under 9 seconds!)

Telling your story through film and animation

So, setting digital advertising aside for one moment, the effectiveness of capturing a vision and story in a film is far more effective than more traditional media.

  • Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a film, compared to 10% when reading it in text
  • 59% of executives say they would rather watch a video than reading text.
  • On average people only read a maximum of 20% of words on a website

Why does film and moving image work?

Moving image can trigger emotion in a way that can positively affect consumer decision making. We feel what we see quickly which is triggered even more by emotion. It provides a way to deliver value and communicate a higher level of quality and aspiration. Whether that value lies in emotional storytelling or delivery of facts there is more potential to do this effectively via moving image.

It has become an essential tool for increasing engagement across digital channels. Investing in targeted, high quality moving image content has huge potential for increasing the impact that marketing can have.

What is your message?

When marketing a new development, you are asking the potential purchaser to understand your vision of the future. Whether your message is about communicating placemaking and the vibrancy of a new destination, the detail of the specification and craftsmanship of the design, or simply evoking the emotion of owning a beachfront villa, all of this can be done through animation and film. The big difference is the success of these animations is capturing the quality and emotion, which is what we take great pride in achieving with our work.

So what works for what digital placement?

We produce moving image solutions for all types of digital and social campaigns.

Cinemagraphs: for programmatic, social and other digital advertising to capture attention and encourage click-through rates. Optimised for 5-15 seconds

Animation (short & snappy): for programmatic, social, digital advertising websites, IGTV, social posts, stories to capture attention and encourage click-through rates. Optimised for 5-15 seconds

Animation (longer): for websites, IGTV, YouTube, Vimeo. To evoke emotion, entice and inform. Also ideal for non-digital marketing such as presentations, marketing suites, exhibitions, private viewings, emailing to individuals. Optimised for 30 seconds – 4 minutes

Over the past 20 years, we have fine-tuned our skills in creating visuals that evoke emotion and tell a story. The future holds exciting opportunities for digital marketing and ultimately the role animation and moving image can play in this future.

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